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What is BuzzMe?

It's a programme that lets you send texts using the internet part of your phone. It's free to download and use.

The BuzzMe on your phone connects with people who have BuzzMe on theirs.

Your network can only charge you a fraction of a penny to send a text using BuzzMe.

BuzzMe was invented to save you money on your texting. Why should the networks get rich at your expense?

BuzzMe phone software lets you send messages in a different way to normal texts, for a lot less money. You pay around 1/2p whether you send a BuzzMe to Guadaloupe or Togo.

BuzzMe works on most modern mobiles. If your phone can play games and take pictures, it's 95% certain to run our software. You can use BuzzMe to send mobile emails, too.

BuzzMe lets you:

send unlimited messages to other BuzzMe users for around 1/2p each
send BuzzMe messages from your PC
send e-mails from your phone, hassle-free
send BuzzMe messages with emoticons(smiles)

Download here for free :

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