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Only few people know that better phones are able to save information about realized calls or sent or received SMS into two independent lists. You can delete message but more advanced user is able to find information about its sending in another list. Similar situation is with calls. Your troubles can arise if somebody unwanted gets hold of your mobile phone. You avoid it by installing and well setting application Black & White Guard which automatically cleans up confidential data from your mobile phone. Those data including SMS are easy accessible only for you after entering the password.

Black & White Guard has another useful functions, like the Black list and mobile phone keyboard locking.
How does Black & White Guard work?

* It hides information about dialed numbers and SMS from White List.
* It rejects calls and SMS from Black List.
* It is very, very simple to use.

You may pre-set an automatic call refusal for certain telephone numbers on your Black list, and delete all SMS messages (not MMS).

The application runs in the background on its own, is not listed in the directory of regular applications and automatic start of the application may be pre-set after turning the telephone on - in Autostart.

Another part of the application is the option of setting automatic keyboard blocking in case the device is not being used (between 30 - 300 seconds).

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