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You can’t remember your account numbers, phone numbers of miscellaneous SMS services? You forgot syntax or commands of your mobile payment services? You have no time for typing for car parking or to buy train ticket by SMS? Me to.
If you use SMS-based parking, payment or information services, or have SMS controllers (Home automation, Alarm systems, door control etc.), then BuiltSMS is essential.
Revolutionary SMS builder BuiltSMS let you create the active SMS template using Constant Strings, Choice Groups, Text Fields, Date Time pickers and Gauges and send it. You can build new active templates or edit existing, direct on your phone.

How it works
On example you start parking your car with license plate number BQH2332 in zone 200345.
Car parking command: START BQH2332 200345
Traditionally, you should write whole message or select it from constant templates, edit, select the service number and send SMS.
BuiltSMS let you send SMS in a few clicks:
Select the active template. e.g. - Parking.
Select the car from choice group of names. e.g. -Toyota.
Select the parking zone from choice group of names. e.g. - Cinema.
Click Send.
BuiltSMS will compose SMS and send it to the service phone number.

Major Features

* backup and restore all groups of active templates to file
* save and open separate group from file
* download the group from web
* context sensitive menu and help
* auto save last choices and entries

Minimum Requirements

* MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0
* JSR-120 ( Wireless Messaging API )
* JSR-075 ( File Connection )

Download here :

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