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Running on Symbian™ Series 60 phones, Nuance TALKS converts the displayed text on the mobile handset into highly intelligible speech. With Nuance TALKS, blind and low-vision users can take advantage of most features, including contact directories, caller ID, text messages, help files, access to the Nokia web browser, and other screen content, available on their mobile phones.

Nuance TALKS Premium Edition for Symbian Series 60 and Series 80 phones is a package consisting of the following components:

* Nuance TALKS Standard Edition
* Nuance TALKS screen reader, same installer and binaries for the Standard and Premium Editions
* A TTS engine
* Premium Edition extras
o Dictionary
o Icon labeller
o Object viewer
o For S60 3rd Edition Only: Daisy2go — A DAISY text+audio book player
* Special Premium Edition serial number that enables premium features in the Nuance TALKS screen reader

Key Benefits
* Provides speech output of text displayed on a mobile phone to allow blind or visually impaired users to benefit from the full functionality of the device.
* Uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech (TTS) technology with adjustable volume and speaking rate for maximum intelligibility.
* Allows to customize the pronunciation of words or abbreviations with a user dictionary.
* Enhances application accessibility by allowing the user to label icons.
* Shows the structure of the display content, and allows to adapt TALKS read-out for a particular application, using the Object Viewer.
* Optionally automates the read-out of the caller ID and text messages.
* Provides access to mobile phone functionality by linking with supported Braille input/output devices via a Bluetooth® connection.
* Integrates with the screen magnification capabilities of Nuance ZOOMS™ for low-vision users.

Key Features

* Unprecedented Feature/Function Accessibility
o Audio feedback when writing or reading text messages, emails, and notes
o Automatic or manual Caller ID announcement
o Network, battery, and other status indicators read out
* Spelling speed setting
Allows the user to define different speech rates for normal read-out and spelling text.
* Various options for reading numbers
Numbers longer than four digits can now be read as single digits, double digits, or whole numbers.
* Echo mode
An independent setting allows the user to turn on a special key echo mode for those who like to use the T9 dictionary when entering text.
* Echo Passwords mode
Allows the user to hear the letters entered into a password field.
* TALKS Key Timeout and TALKS Mode Timeout
Allows the user to set a timeout for cases where the TALKS key is pressed accidentally, and allow to repeat a command or even execute different commands without Pressing the TALKS key again.
* Hear caller ID information
Adds speech output to the original user interface of the cell phone.
* Software only
No additional hardware is needed.
* Voice Familiarity for Increased User Comfort
Nuance TALKS leverages ETI-Eloquence TTS software— used in popular desktop screen readers—making many users feel instantly familiar with the voice they hear for speech output.
* Control over volume and speaking rate
* Supports numerous third-party applications
* Full Integration with Wayfinder Access

New Version Notes :

NEW! The significantly revised audio handling for handsets running S60 3rd Edition allows to use any TTS that is supported by TALKS during a call. Looking up a contact or note, or entering new ones, manage multiple calls, using call options to mute or hold calls, and much more can be done using the familiar TTS voice of your choice.

NEW! Now, TALKS&ZOOMS gives users more freedom, by offering SIM-based licensing. When TALKS&ZOOMS is registered to a SIM-card instead of being registered to a phone/IMEI, the user can move that SIM card from one phone to the other, as long as the SIM license is valid for the TALKS version installed to the new handset.

NEW! TALKS&ZOOMS now support reading and even editing word documents, for instance, e-mail attachments, in QuickWord. QuickWord is a part of QuickOffice, and its view-only version is pre-installed on most handsets, while the version that allows to edit text is pre-installed on the Nokia E-Series handsets, or can be purchased otherwise.

NEW! The Premium Edition of TALKS&ZOOMS includes Nuance Daisy2go, a DAISY text/audio book player for S60 3rd Edition.

NEW! The Object Viewer present in the Premium Edition of TALKS&ZOOMS now allows to easily configure speech output for a specific application. This way, the user can improve speech output for applications that do not work well with TALKS otherwise, or configure read-out according to his/her likings.

NEW! ZOOMS is now a free component when purchasing TALKS Premium Edition. The user can decide which options (TALKS only, ZOOMS only, or both) should be visible, via a View option in the settings.

NEW! Support for recent S60 3rd Edition handsets: Nokia 6650, E66, E71, N79, N85, N96

NEW! Other improvements

* Rapid read-out of the application icons on the stand-by screen, by automatically labelling these icons.
* More lines on the stand-by screen are recognized.
* For the calendar's day view, the correct number of entries for a day is announced, and they are read completely.
* Users can redefine the [TALKS] key, for example, to use the Multimedia key present on some new devices.
* The text status (T9 dictionary and upper/lower case) is now read automatically when reaching a text field. This can be turned off by a new setting "Read text status". Additional verbosity settings:
o New setting: “Read subtitles” to control reading of tab sheets
o New setting: “Read function keys”, to control key echo for function keys, such as [Key 1] and [Key 2]
o TALKS can now be muted on a per-application basis
* When softkeys change on typing the first character of a text field (e.g. Key 1 changing to OK), both the character and the key label is read
* Support for additional type of automatically updating progress indicators
* Braille: input is now possible in 3rd party applications where this did not work before, and also works for the first digit of a phone number and for selecting items from the phone’s main menu
* 3rd Edition FP2: Battery and network status are also read when keyboard is locked
* Nokia E90: Fixed swapped softkey labels in ZOOMS "Distributed Views" mode
* Nokia 6124: added workaround to allow input of text into edit fields on web pages

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