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Where do all the Tetris clones get their stones from? Yes?

This game will give you the answer! They are all manufactured in the last licensed Tetris Stone Factory. The problem is: it is a ramshackle factory, the production line does not work anymore and the color pipelines are leaky. Even worse, the new boss has kicked out all employees and only one is left:

Mr. Buckethead
He has to do all the work: catch and mix the right colors dripping out of the pipelines, collect the raw stones which are spread all over the factory and bring them to the coloring machine. And all this in a hurry, because there are so many Tetris clones out there!

You must help Mr. Buckethead to make his boss happy…not an easy task at all. Are you prepared for this challenge?

Download Soft Mr Buckethead v1.1 230x320.N95_Lz0PDA.rar

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