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About the name NearConn? The system is working in the area near you & connecting you to your environment.

What does NearConn do? NearConn is a new mobile social network. All names/bluetooth devices that the system will show you in the end of the scanning are links to their social card that thay created at NearConn webpage. Names that are not registreted yet, will be seen also lower in your web page.

Connecting to others? With the system you can write a NearNote, save it as a file to your cellphone and deliver it as you deliver a regular item with your bluetooth. Also, this message will be deliverd to the other person inbox mail in NearConn.

How much it will cost you? IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING!! NearConn, the client software and the portal activity that we offer is free of charge. You shuold know that you may be charged for your websurfing by your service provider.

O.K? O.K! How would you like to download NearConn to your cellphone? First-of-all you’ll have to complete your registration, then you could choose, either get it with an sms or simply download it by yourself in a few steps.

Once you have registered, created your social card, downloaded the system to your cellphone and switched your bluetooth device – On, all of your NearPeople could see your card and the details that you have agreed to share

When you start using the system, you can NearConnHIM or tell others to – NearConnYOU

What is shown on the main page? pictures/names of NearConn members that scanned lately for their NearPeople at all places. (NearConn is a global community and there are members from all over the world).

Use NearConn to…

*Share your details & Pics with people around you
*See what people around you want to share
*Use your phone as your advertising card
*See what others have to suggest

So whats new in the New version of NearConn v.2.0?

* Cute: High quality and extreemly friendly graphical user interface
* Cool: New interactive and cool features
o Your statistics summary
o Inbox check and new messages alerts
* International: Multi languages > same content on your prefered language
* Fast: fast bluetooth environment scan
* Safe: low level bluetooth scan = high safety for your device
* All: All devices see the same screen

What we kept from the old and good version (V.1.3)?

* Saving paper - Remmember! Use NearConn, save paper
* Extremely Low battery consumption
* 3 Different applications built on the same technology
* Support for over 200 handsets, including low end mass market phones
* Pull your data on the spot, get it only when you need it - No SPAM
* No need registration to enjoy the service!

Download here:



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