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CellGPS sends the location of the mobile phone to a webserver (gsm cell identifier or GPS information).
It connects automatically to the server using a predefined Internet connection, at predefined time periods.
A Bluetooth-capable or internal GPS device is required if you want to send GPS information (e.g. EMTEC Bluetooth GPS, or Fortuna Bluetooth GPS, etc.).

How to set it up:

Connection period: it shows the frequency of the connection (in seconds).
URI: set the page of the server to be called.
Connection: select amoung the available GPRS connections (set up in Menu/Tools/Settings/), e.g. you can select a Internet connection.
Upload: shows the information being uploaded to the server.
Cell ID: uploads the gsm cell id.
GPS data: latitude, longitude, direction, speed informatio

How to connect to the GPS device:

A Bluetooth-capable or internal GPS device is required. In Settings, switch to upload GPS data, and restart the program.
At the first time, the scan for Bluetooth devices starts. After selecting the appropiate device, the phone connects to it, and begins to receive location information. If the device is not paired, then it will ask for the Bluetooth code.
After the first time, the phone will automatically look for this GPS device. No matter if the device goes out of range, it will connect to it again automatically.

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