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OpenGPX v0.3.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Python FreeWare

OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocaching for Symbian S60 mobiles. It is written in Python and uses several additional modules.

Here are some key features of "OpenGPX":
· Simple usage: download GPX files from and copy it on your S60 phone to the folder E:/Geocaching (you have to be a Geocaching premium member to access GPX files)
· Browse through all Caches
· Show cache text incl. coordinates, country/state, difficulty/terrain, distance and heading from home
· Show all waypoints (including extracted waypoints from the cache description and from logs)
· Add user defined waypoints (e.g. calculated waypoints)
· View waypoints (this enables invoking of a navigation or mapping application to directly navigate to a specific waypoint)
· Export waypoints to the location database of the phone
· Show all logs for the cache
· Show travelbugs (only names)
· Show cache hint
· Show spoiler images (images are resized and rotated automatically)
· Built in calculator, Geocaching de/encoder, Caesar chiffre en/decoder, Convert text to numbers (A=1, ...)
· Show the content of a specific file ('info.txt'), e.g. for some user defined notes

What's New in This Release:


· added: Settings for GPX folder and home coordinates
· changed: Installation is not limited to drive E: any more
· added: Hints can be read (text2speech) now (just for fun Wink)
· fixed: temporary waypoints (when using "view waypoint..." are automatically deleted now
· changed: waypoint name of non-traditional, non-webcam and non-earthcache caches has been changed to "Header-Coordinates"
· changed: Some information is being shown, if no GPX file is available
· added: Waypoint list contains extracted waypoints from cache description
· added: Cache description contains coordinates and distance from home
· changed: Cache description doesn't include additional newlines if short description is empty
· changed: logo: public domain geocaching logo with geocaching colors and text "OpenGPX - You Are The Search Engine"
· changed: config file has to contain only relevant information now
· fixed: Some minor html2text conversion issues
· fixed: "Didn't find it" log text is red now

· added: waypoints can be added to gpx files now (and optionally saved to a file)
· changed: got rid of the settings template file
· added: settings can be saved now
· changed: coordinate format has been polished a bit
· changed: cache class handles cache types better
· added: waypoint-coordinates (groundspeak:log_wpt) to log class
· changed: log text HTML text are being replaced by ASCII characters
· added: function to extract waypoints from cache description
· added: homecoordinates to settings
· added: function to parse coordinates from text to Coordinates class
· added: functions to calculate Distance and Bearing of two Coordinates
· added: properties D, DM, DMS, latitude, longitude to Coordinates class
· added: properties D, DM, DMS to Coordinate class

· Python for S60 (PyS60)
· appuifw2
· Landmarks

Download :

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