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The player controls a newspaper on a bicycle delivering newspapers along a suburban street, shown in a perspective view of the cabinet. The player tries to offer a week of daily subscription clients, attempts to vandalize homes and avoid non-payment risks along the street. Subscribers are lost by missing a delivery or damage to the house of the subscriber, and can be recovered after a perfect day of delivery.

The game begins with a selection of difficulty levels: Easy Street (easy), Middle Road (medium) and the hard way (hard). The object of the game is perfectly deliver papers to subscribers for an entire week and avoid crashes (which counts as one of the lives of the player) before the weekend. The game lasts seven days in the game, Monday to Sunday.

The control of the newspaper with the controls on the handlebars, the player tries to deliver newspapers to subscribers. Each day starts showing an overview of the street indicating subscribers and non subscribers. Paid and not paid by households are also easy to discern at the same level

Screen size : 240*320

Download Paperboy 2: Wheels on Fire! 2009

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