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The distributable player solution enables developers to create rich applications for the latest version of Adobe® Flash Lite® and directly distribute their content to millions of open OS smartphones, providing a better on-device user experience.

Adobe seems on a roll with some exciting new releases and initiatives for Flash on Mobile developers. The Flash Lite Distributable Player finally made it into Adobe’s labs. This solution allows Flash Lite developers to:

1. target the latest version of the Flash Lite player (3.1), leveraging the content-triggered download model people are familiar with on the web, but for standalone applications.
2. reach millions of open OS smart phones through direct-to-consumer distribution, new off-deck aggregator partners (GetJar, Thumbplay and Zed), or existing distribution channels.

Benefits :

Since the distributable player solution mimics the successful Adobe Flash® Player desktop model of content-triggered downloads, you can be confident that your users’ devices will always have the latest Flash Lite runtime.

Plus, the distribution model enables you to deliver free or paid applications to millions of open OS smartphones, through direct-to-consumer distribution or your existing distribution channels, or via Adobe’s aggregator partners, which include GetJar, Thumbplay, and Zed.

Finally, this solution gives end users a better experience by providing intuitive discovery and installation of Flash Lite applications. Consumers using supported Windows Mobile and S60 phones in India, Italy, Spain, UK, and the U.S. can easily download applications. (Additional countries will be added over time.) After downloading an application, consumers see its user-friendly icon in the device menu.

What it is ?

The distributable player solution consists of the following components:

Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player. Flash Lite 3.1 includes the same features as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some additional enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. The solution delivers a standalone player for applications, without affecting the Flash Lite browser plug-in or pre-installed standalone player, if present.

Download Finetune Flash Lite Player S60v3 Symbianos9.1

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