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For over 7000 years now, the world knows the actually most favoured, malted beverage, the beer! Now it won't just prickle on your tongue but as well in your brain! Prove your knowledge about the popular fermented brew! Get to know everything about historical dates, common facts, curiosities and international traditions around the liquid gold! Expand your knowledge about the origins of pubs, abbey breweries and beer containers! Learn about the other side of beer and become an expert for the cold tapped float! Prost, cheers and nazdarovje!


* Proven trivia gameshow atmosphere with multiple choice answers
* Up to 200 cheerfully fresh questions around the topic of beer
* Heaps of curiosities and interesting facts
* Play alone or together with your crackerbarrel friends
* Improve your knowledge in the training mode or become an expert in the career mode
* Show your brain skills and climb up the highscore list

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