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The world is under attack with terrorists laying siege to all the major cities in the world. As commander of the Rapid Action Force, you and your team have been deployed to quell the terrorists and restore peace. Powered by Google maps, this game places you in a real city streets. Use your familiarity with the city and a well thought out strategy to win.

Deploy the Rapid Action Force at strategic locations to avert the invasion. Press 0 to activate the menu. The computer automatically scans possible routes that the enemy may follow. Choose and place your weapons to ensure maximum coverage. Each weapon costs money, so choose wisely. Once you are ready, press 0 to start.

Score Board:
Global Tournament mode available on all fugumobile games, allowing users to post hi-scores on a global scorecard and compete with other users worldwide

Screen resolution : 176x208, 240x320, 320x240

supplied by serviak

Download here:


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