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1. Open Web Browser Service menu -> select the connection type WAP -> enter address link in the web browser bookmarks.

2. Choose the country because every country has a version and name of the service provider is different.

3. It will showing the direct link to immediately enter the link. For Indonesia, will usually be directed to the link Note the link and open the link in the mobile phone.

4.After that open the link, it will display a notification message received to install the application. Install the application in the phone memory and not on the memory card because the operator logo is usually inserted in the phone memory.

5. If notification message appear "Save Existing Application Data", select Yes to save these settings via OTA.

6. After the installation is complete, try to see in the main menu where the application is installed, open the application.

7. Type your mobile number and select the name of the service you use. Then press the OK button or YES to run agreed.

8. When application is completed, another notification will appear, such as "Allow Application No Logo Text message To Send?". Press the OK or YES option for acceptance. You will receive a notification message display after notification to approve it. Select OK or YES to save the message.

9. Well, now look at the mobile phone operator logo will disappear. Please note, there are some operator logo that can not be clear and it's because of the phone system can not remove the operator logo is.

With the display as blank operator logo that has been remove, your colleagues or your friends will not recognize what provider you use in your handset.

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