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Here are some virus that often attacks the phone and OS platform.

Lasco.A virus, this virus usually attacks the fork and the *. SIS file-based or Symbian when users install. This virus can also attack the applications installed on the handset so that applications can not be used again. In addition, this virus can also make a random system or data on the smartphone. The characteristics of the virus is, the user can not open or run a menu or other applications that are installed on the handset.

Malware or usually known as the Worm, usually through the transfer of data connectivity, the Bluetooth. So to transfer data via Bluetooth, this virus can reproduce itself so that data stored on the smartphone is Corrupted or can not be used again. This type of virus or the many variants evolution. People say the virus is quite dangerous if it attacks a handset.

Trojan, the last newspaper in 2007, the virus is still able to attack a system smartphone and Pocket PC. The virus is usually a smartphone create a system unstable, so that the handset sometimes or often do Hang Freeze Reboot without cause.

Cabir, the mobile phone virus is spread through MMS and Bluetooth. Cabir is not dangerous to the phone directly, but that should be careful with this virus it will always try to detect the other device to reproduce itself and spread through Bluetooth. More terrible, he was also able to reduce the resilience capacity of the battery, so without the battery will be quickly exhausted.

Postcard virus is the second with the distribution method such as Cabir, via Bluetooth. However, he was able to delete all data, deplete your balance in a way to send SMS or MMS by itself without the user's confirmation. Sometimes the virus is also able to change the appearance of the operator logo with a picture Comm Warrior infected at once all the applications or data on the Smartphone with the slowly but surely.

Skulls.CB-Mabtal.A. It is the old and the latest variant of the virus evolution and Skull. This virus may be accidentally installed by the user. Once installed, skulls will change all the icons in the Symbian mobile phone with picture skull and two bones crossted. In addition, all phone features such as phone book, SMS and media player to be dead and can not be used even if we try to go on the menu.

CardTrap spread in a way similar to the skulls. CardTrap able to change the mobile phone application. For example only, change the phone book data with a copy of corrupt. However, this virus will not survive long if the user reboots the phone.
Who does not mind, this virus will leave the installer for the skulls, music and Cabir in the infected device. It will destroy computer with a Windows virus on the memory card. when the memory card is connected to the computer, the computer got infected, so do not close the possibility to create a memory card from the carrier virus.

Doomed. The virus is disabling some applications and restart the phone itself to do. But sometimes, the virus also makes this phone that has Bluetooth, to restart automatically without confirmation when close.

Phone Book Stealer. Type type virus is very interesting. He was able to retrieve the data in the Phonebook to copy-paste ago in the txt file to be sent via Bluetooth to the user without confirmation. So far, the first Symbian virus that can steal data menginfeksi found in some Symbian phones through an application PbExplorer.sis.

Blankfont.A. It is a *. SIS file is corrupted but can be installed on a Symbian-based handsets. Actually, this file is a Symbian application, but this application has entered the virus which is a variant of the Trojan. This virus infected the handset with a display icon or font without form, alias blank . This virus continues to force the system to restart the handset again.

Symbian-Skudoo.C/Skudoo.D. This virus is a variant of the Trojan, Doomboot and CommWarrior.B. How the virus is almost the same as the variant, the system becomes unstable handset.

Symbian-Skudoo.E-F. This virus is also a variant of Doomboot, Blankfont E variants and CommWarrior.B. How this virus can only make data on the handset on the Symbian operating system.

SymbOS / Commwarrior.C. How the virus is almost the same as the preceding because it is a variant of CommWarrior.C, CommWarrior.B, Worm, Trojan and Fontal.A.

Commwarrior.D. Basically, this malware is a variant of the virus evolution CommWarrior.B. How this virus only to send MMS without confirmation from the handset and it's using the Spanish language.

SymbOS / Commwarrior.E. Seems to be the family's large music always infected use the handset platform. Variant virus works through Bluetooth connections and MMS via GPRS in the mobile phone network.

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