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1st u need to Hack ur phone
HelloOX is a program to hack !

only 2 steps for all S60 3rd,fp1,fp2,5800:

1. Sign and Install then run MapDrives.Unsigned.sis
2. Sign and Install then run HelloOX.1.02.Unsigned.sis

***must sign with a 17 capability Dev Cert***

HelloOX does all the rest for you!
Enjoy it!

Download the latest Original Version of Ngage

Download Game Fixes (So the some games work properly) And Install it

Download Cracked Binpda Games
which are everywhere on the net

Install Them on ur Phone and Play
Almost All games work properly in all phones but FP2 Phones have a problem

Games that Work 100% in FP2 Phones
1.) Asphalt 3
2.) Snakes Subsonic
3.) Space Impact Kappa Base
4.) Midnight Pool
5.) Sims 2 Pets
6.) Hooked on: CoTD
7.) MHP
9.) Block Breaker

Games Which Dont Work as Full Version in FP2 Phones
1.) Brothers in Arms
2.) Dirk Dagger
3.) Dogz
4.) Star Wars
5.) Reset Generation
6.) System Rush
7.) Bounce Boing Voyage
8.) ONE
9.) Metal Gear solid
10.) Resident Evil Degenration
11.) Boom Blox
12.) Crash Nitro Kart 3D
13.) EA FIFA 09
14.) Pro Golf

1)The Game Will Have The Trail Tag on them but they are indeed Fullversions.
2)U need To disable all Patchs in RomPatcher for the Ngage game to Work.
if u dont disable , u might even spoil ur savegames.

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