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SymbianOn Advanced Security v2.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Read NFO Cracked-DiL

Some features:

For security reason, the application can only be auto-started at the machine boot-up. Once the application is installed, a user cannot find it anywhere in the "My Own" or "Installed" folders. The main reason for this is that it prevents the phone-picker from un-installing the application and/or finding the existence of the application on the phone if the phone is lost. In order to enter the application, a user has to "dial" a password (which is defined by the application) plus a "#" character in the active idle screen. The default password is "123456", which means, if a user wants to enter the application, the user needs to input the following character sequence in the active idle screen (like the way a user gets the IMEI number): 123456#
Once the user has entered the application, the user has the freedom to change the password to any other ones (which consists of numeric numbers from "0" to "9"). Then length of the password should be no less than 6, and the maximum length is 10.

NOTE: Since it only accepts keys when "Phone" application is in the foreground (idle screen), it is strongly recommended pressing any of the keys to bring up the dialog for inputting phone number first, then key in the password. The following key input sequence is accepted:
1123456# or
if the password is "123456", Only the last few digits are compared with the saved password in the application.

Special Phone Guardian brief:

It can protect a mobile user from losing his/her phone just in case the phone is lost. For example, if a user has lost his /her phone and someone has picked up the phone. If another SIM card has plugged into in the phone, then a customized message will be automatically sent out to the pre-defined mobile numbers at the boot-up of the phone. In this case, the user can get to know the person's mobile number.
Please note:it has another import function that is different from "Advance Security Genius". a user may have the following additional trace function in addition to the one using the normal registration:
Once a user's SIM card has been changed, and provided the "Phone Security function" is on, then a user ("Mobile number1" or "Mobile number2") may send a short message to the current mobile number (can be obtained by the received SMS message) like "123456:1" or "123456\\1" or "123456/1" (where "123456" is the "Configure password", which is different from "Security password") to turn on the trace function. Whenever, the person who picked up your phone makes outgoing calls, the callee's personal information (name and number) will be sent to the number which enables the trace function.
The format of the received SMS looks like:
Home: +86215438777 2007 may 25-15:39:44
if the person makes a call to his home. Sending "123456:0" or "123456\\0" or "123456/0" will turn off the trace function (where "123456" is the "Configure password").

Settings brief:

1. Hotkey enable
When this option is on, then a user is able to "dial" the password plus a hex (#) to bring the application to foreground. This is the only way to bring the application to the foreground.
When this option is off, then a user has no way to bring the application to foreground, and all of the hotkeys defined below are useless.
This value is not permanently saved after it has been changed. The default value is on at start- up. The purpose of having this is to cancel the key capturing to avoid some conflicts with some game designs if this is the case. A user may disable hotkey function temporarily to play games. After rebooting of the phone, hotkey function will be enabled automatically by default.

2. Autolock function
When it is on, during a predefined period of time, if keyboard is not touched, then keyboard will automatically be locked.

3. AutoLock time interval
Define the time interval for activating the key lock.

4. Normal audio recording
Define the hotkey for activating audio recording. A press of the key combination will trigger the audio recording in any of the screens. One more press of the key combination will stop the audio recording. This is useful for quickly launching audio recording without being noticed by others. A user may find the recorded window in the "Audios" window of "Security".
Selecting "off" will disable the function. "Shift" key is the "ABC" key on which has a pen icon.

5. Lock/Tel. recording
This is a multi-function hotkey:
If the there is no established call, then pressing the key combination will lock the keyboard in any of the user screens.
If there is an established call, a simple press of the defined key combination will start the recording over the telephony line. Another simultaneous press of the defined key combination will stop the recording process. If a user wants to record it again, then the user just needs to press the key combination again will start telephony recording again and so on. All of the data recorded during a call session will be saved into one single file. A user may check the file in the "Audios" window of "Security" or from the S60 "Media gallery".
Selecting "off" will disable the function. "Shift" key is the "ABC" key on which has a pen icon.

6. Multi-function key
Define the multi-function key. Once the key combination has been defined, then a press of the key combination will trigger the "Multi-function" action to be executed.
Selecting "off" will disable the function. "Shift" key is the "ABC" key on which has a pen icon.

7. Multi-function
Define the action when a "Multi-function key" is pressed. Currently, There are two functions::
a.Screen capture b.Quick launch application
Selecting "Screen capture" will capture the screen image, and the image file will be saved into the S60 "Media gallery".
Selecting "Quick launch application" provides a quick way to launch an application. For example, a user may bind the key combination with a stock application. As such, the user may easily launch the application to watch the stock values from time to time.
Please be noted that "Security" is not listed for selection due to security concerns.

8. Image size
Define the screen window to capture when "Screen capture" multi-function is selected:
a.Main pane: the main pane area of the screen b.Whole screen: whole phone screen is taken

9. Memory in use
Define where to store the captured images.

10. Image name
Define the captured image name.

11. Quick launch app name
Define the quickly launched application name when a multi-function key combination is pressed.

12. Power on function
When this option is on, then an alarm will be set automatically every day according to the days defined in "Power on days"
Please be noted that the setting in this "Security" application will override the time set in the S60 "Clock" application (if it has any alarm set there). However, if a user goes to the S60 "Clock" to set alarm again, then it will override this setting.

13. Power on days
Define the days to be alarmed for the week.

14. Power on time
Define the alarm time for the days defined in "Power on days".

15. Shut down function
When this function is on, the mobile phone will be turned off automatically at the time defined in "Shut down at" every day.
When this option is off, then it has no effect at all.

16. Phone security function
If this option is on, then a SIM card change event will trigger the sending of SMS to the specific mobile numbers.
If this option is off, then even a SIM card change event happens, nothing will be done.

17. Security password
This is used to set the phone security password. The default password is "123456". A user may "dial" this number in the active idle screen to bring the app to the foreground. Please be noted that the application can ONLY be started at boot-up.
If a user has changed the password to something else, then the user needs to "dial" the new password in order to get into the application. For example, if a user has changed the password to "456789", then in order to bring forward the application, a user has to "dial":
Whenever there is a prompt for inputting a password to make a field change, then this password should be used.

18. Configure password
The purpose of having this is to allow a phone number (either "Mobile number1" or "Mobile number2") to send a configuration SMS message to this phone to turn on/off the trace function. The format of the message is: "123456:1" or "123456\\1" or "123456/1"
to turn on trace function, or
"123456:0" or "123456\\0" or "123456/0"
to turn off the trace function. This configuration message only works when "Phone Security" is on and the registered product is a "Special edition" (the title of the product is shown as "Security-S" after successful registration).

19. Mobile number1
This is the mobile number used to send SMS to if there is SIM card change event happens and "Phone security function" is on. At each boot-up, a customized SMS message is sent to this number once only. In the next boot-up of the phone, the SMS will be sent again until the number of sent SMS has reached to the pre-defined maximum number of SMS. Please be noted that this number should be a mobile number.

20. Mobile number 2
It works the same way as last item.

21. Phone security message
Define the customized SMS for sending to "Mobile number 1" and "Mobile number 2". The message length should not be longer than 140 characters.

22. Max number of SMS
Define the maximum number of SMS to be sent to "Mobile number 1" and "Mobile number 2". If a user has defined two valid mobile numbers in the number fields, then each of the number will receive half of this maximum number of SMS if a SIM card event happens.
Please be noted: if the product is not registered, then "Security" can ONLY allow maximum of 2 SMS messages regardless of the setting in this field.

23. Auto start enable
By default, this application is auto-started, and this is the ONLY way to get the app started. If a user turned this option to off, then this application will never have a chance to start it again unless the user re-install the application.

Use This Code For Application View : 123456# OR *123456#

Download here : Advanced Security v2.0.S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Read NFO Cracked-DiL.rar

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