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Generating amazing 360° panoramas with your mobile phone has never been so fast and easy.

Just turn around with your smartphone and scan the scenery you want to capture. The fully automatic patent-pending stitching-algorithm of PanoMan™ composes the captured photos to an impressive panorama, in realtime and up to 360°!

It’s all new, it’s all fresh! Here is PanoMan 3.0 with new features and exciting improvements!

PanoMan 3.0 comes in landscape mode with a preview area on the screen displaying the panoramic image captured so far as well as a small info area showing the frame resolution and the number of frames captured/available.

Due to the improvements made in heap consumption, you can capture up to 12 frames within one session, creating eye-popping up to 360° images with up to 32 Megapixel (on e.g. N95 8GB; maximum resolution on other devices might be actually lower).

You can choose from a variety of new settings:
- Exposure correction: PanoMan can automatically correct possible exposure differences between frames and so create smoother panoramas.

- White balance: you can adjust the colour tone of your panorama depending on current light conditions. This assures that white regions remain white in your final panorama.

- Sound: play a sound with every frame captured.

- Storage: store images on the phone or memory card.

- Auto Focus (only for auto focus devices): If enabled, the camera is auto-focused at each key frame which results in sharper panoramic images. Recommended for devices like the N95, N95-8GB or N82.

Download :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from Easy-Share

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