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The – GHOST of the Mobile Starcraft is a thick gift that the Minisoyo forum dedicates player and interstellar player to the large cellular phone game. This cellular phone game success of transplanted scene chemical element and unit of interstellar to a very small cellular phone screen.

For high performance cellular phone customer can also realize at first make medium that sound effect which acquaints with but shocks again. The game development author is author whoami of the emulator JarJar of the Minisoyo cellular phone, after finishing developing emulator, he started the creation of this game. From planned art to arrive procedure, passed by for 5 months, the Mobile Starcraft came finally.

Conduct and actions 1 has over 7 years, the old bird of interstellar age, take Korean Zhao the contestant Iloveoov of the wild beast interstellar as in the meantime oneself whole life interstellar of idol, author nowise taboo of use the most mysterious the most uncanny Ghost in the Terran as the leading role of game, but the hostile square then makes to embezzle to is subjected to the protoss that person's clan bullies at first. The game adopted an ARPG form, describing after 2027 a mission carry out on the way is shotted down by the enemy Li to exert a difficulty,I am end to set off direction Protoss the pit of the base to play. The coda in game, the familiar pit plays to target later on a conveyance machine to fly from the mushroom cloud, staying to hang to read aloud infinitely for everyone. Call according to the author, descend a make Zerg of the spiritual leader impress will show up. Then the condition of three clan wars will be more vigorous.

The edition let out currently, included game of ex- two passes, proceed from the purpose of test, after completing the second mission, the game will then end. Such of purpose a is for the sake of better test, two is also for letting the player acquaint with an operation, Whoami Say introduction says that included a lot of classic military tacticses of terrans in this game, include to block up road, target, invisible, thunder car gram Long, jilt the classic operation of tail. Believing an interstellar player can be certain to find out familiar shadow in the game.

Screen size 176*208, 240*320

Download Starcraft Ghost :

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