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PacketVideo's Media Player supports streaming, progressive download and playback with support available for all major mobile content types, including video and audio (3gpp, mpeg-4, h.263, AVC, Windows Media, RealMedia, AAC, AAC+, WMA, MP3, AMR, QCELP).
It can be configured as separate audio and video applications or as a single integrated media player. An optional 3-D audio enhancement is also available.

Features Include:

* Enables the reception and display of standards-compliant MPEG-4 and H.263 video and GSM-AMR audio content.
* Supports video viewing in full landscape mode, utilizing the entire available screen.
* Optimized for streaming video and live TVover today's wireless networks
* Detects, localizes and conceals errors that occur during wireless transmission, while supporting MPEG-4 standards.

Download pvPlayer :

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