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phoneAlarm is a Today Screen plug-in that alerts you with various alarms when an email/SMS has been received, a call missed, or a new voice message is waiting. Additional alarm functionality tells you when the phone signal or battery is weak. The application is highly customizable.

# Provides repeating alarms and escalating sounds for new SMS/emails, missed calls, and voice messages
# Seven custom phone profiles with manual / time-based automatic switching
# Weak phone signal alarm
# Battery level alarm
# Customise sound for each alarm type
# Mute device and phone volume also 1-click mute button
# Skinable user interface
# Bluetooth & flight mode control via profiles (also for Widcomm/Broadcomm stack)
# Supports VGA display
# Icons provide direct access to inbox, missed call history etc.
# Alarm sounds include any sound files in Windows & Windows rings directories
# Simple installation

Update - Last updated on 21.12.08
# Treo silent phone volume issue fixed
# New Profile switch options: Headset on Battery, Headset on Power
# New backlight toggle skin item: Max level, Min, Profile
# Reset email count option
# Improved skin layout options
# Silent custom Email/SMS group alarms no longer override newer active alerts
# Weather Plugin options improved
# 'Ignore' option for location - for cells that are included in 2 locations

Download :

Click to download from KewlShare

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