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Powerful tool to mass-manage your contacts

Ever tried to manage a number of contacts at once? Been in a situation when you need to delete 50 or 100 contacts, send a lot of contacts over Bluetooth or update all records for people working in the same company with new company's address or website, etc? If so, then Contacts Tools is for you!

Contacts Tools is a powerful tool to mass-manage your contacts. With Contacts Tools you can edit hundreds and thousands of contacts in a few stylus taps!

Organize your contacts easily! No more mechanical actions - just select the records you need and modify them instantly!

Features include:

* Handy contacts selection screen. Select records individually, or use Find and Select feature.
* Modify Field allows you to set a given field value for all selected records.
* Delete all selected contacts with a single tap.
* Perform a Find and Replace operation on selected contacts.
* NEW! Beam all selected contacts easily.
* Free updates for all registered users.

Minimum requirements:

* Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater.
* 97 Kb of free storage memory.

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