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Spb Software announced the release of a new product, Spb TV, program-player to view TV channels on your mobile phone (communicator). Spb TV is a tool which, when installed on a communicator, a smartphone based on Windows Mobile, svodobny provides access to television channels are broadcast in real time over IP protocol (ie, via the internet).
Spb TV allows you to get free (and does not require a subscription fee) access to dozens of television channels broadcast on the Internet, including, to the channels in Russian. The list of supported channels may vary depending on the availability of a channel for the free Internet broadcast.

The main functions of the service Spb TV for Windows Mobile:
-TV Guide to the functions of the preview
Quick-launch of channels and switch between them
-TV on every channel
-Ability to set reminders in Outlook for the start of interesting programs
-Mode «Picture in Picture»
Full-service adjustment of all functions under control with the help of your fingers (without using the stylus)
-Flexible integration of functions of mobile television with the basic functions
-Full support for hardware control keys

A key feature of the product - researched user interface, which includes, inter alia, technology management finger, fast and convenient mechanism for switching channels, the automatic adaptation of the player to change the speed of data transmission, the function «Picture-in-picture», extended opportunity to view program each channel to export reminders of the early transfer of Outlook. Thus, the interface of Spb TV repeats most basic functions of management conventional TV, which allows the user to quickly and comfortably learn the program.

For a complete work necessary to service the high-speed Internet connectivity - Support for device protocols WiFi, 3G or WiMAX. Spb TV has been steadily at speeds of data transmission of 200 kbit / s and has automatic and manual mechanisms for adapting the quality of TV images to the actual signal level: with a decrease (for any reason), data transfer speed, the player changes the frequency of transfer of personnel. Until the transition to video mode 1-2 frames per second - the sound that continue to transmit in the normal mode, which smooths the negative sense of the user of the deterioration of the channel of communication.

Spb TV comes in two versions: free and complete. Free version is not limited by time, but it has some functional limitations. In particular, it is not possible to use Outlook reminders. There are also some restrictions on the number of channels available for viewing. The full version offers enhanced ability to manage a list of channels. The cost of the full version for Russian users is 225 rubles. One-time payment, you have access to content not raglamentirovan time and additional subscriber fees are not required.

Spb TV is fully compatible with Windows Mobile versions of Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile Standard (smartphone) and Windows Mobile Professional (for communicators with touch screen). Utility supports all the main screen: qVGA, VGA, Square QVGA, and WVGA.

The list of available channels and the key to the program (read the Readme) are in the archive!

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.1
Additional Requirements: Internet connection
Screen: All permits
Setup Type: CAB
Author / developer: Spb Software

Download here:


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