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Browsing function
+ |3 p6 T: ~% f1 d I2 o) X9 HAre you boring with a dull WAP site? Are you upset with the blank display in a wap site? UCWEB will change all those problems onthe mobile Internet! with UCWEB, you can not only visit WAP site quickly, but also the colorful WEB sites fluently, to enjoy the pleasantness of wireless thoroughly.Navigation function Wireless is more colorful! Information, entertainment, community, forum, blog, it s all we have. Site navigation service recommends excellent internet sites and hot sites to you! Click! click! click! It s so easily to access the site. Opening the site you want quickly, reading what you like, and listening what you love.3 U! u |+ S; Q* K' M- f

Search function.
Don t doubt the voluminous information can be searched on your mobile phone! With UCWEB, you can do it! UCWEB offers various search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yicha, to satisfy your desire of searching the whole Internet. UCWEB supports to search by sort, such as web pages, MP3, pictures, maps,etc.Media function Online media playback function is available in UCWWEB 6.3. You may watch the hottest TV channels and the splendid original videoclips and listen to the latest popular songs on your phone with UCWEB6.3.! D J( U" Z. P# {8 k/ g$ u8 ^

Download function.
Beautiful pictures! MP3! Characteristic phone ring tone! UCWEB lets you get all you want. The powerful download function makes your download easily, and which make you save time and cost.UCWEB download function supports the big file download and the break points discontinuous transmission, which adopts the data compression technique to reduce the data traffic.6 v7 {( o L* e8 ^* U# |* z. R

Personal data management
0 t$ ^3 {1 v3 _5 mDo you regret that you can t save the sites/pages you like? Is there no storage space for storing MP3, games? Is data lost when you change mobile phone? Don t worry, UCWEB resolves these problems for you! It offers service such as bookmark, favorite, user can manage web sites which regularly browsed easily in mobile phone or in PC. The mobile phone hard disk is the bridge of PC andmobile phone, by which accessing the picture, MP3 and game is easy
5 n+ }9 [9 y: |! q$ o* F
RSS subscription function( B, R/ Y5 C1 Z
With a mobile phone, the latest hot Internet information can be subscribed! With RSS news subscription function you can subscribe RSS seeds, and manage the RSS resource, and then read the updated details in RSS freely. You can login directly in your mobilephone, or open subscript the RSS seeds.
2 w4 g+ V( k2 @% d# V W
Shortcut key application
4 r$ c4 P) ^1 ]+ q/ V- RWith the shortcut key function, it makes the whole operation process of UCWEB simply, convenient. You can assemble shortcut keyswith single key or double keys, and setup shortcut key by yourself. The customized service makes you enjoy the fully wireless happiness.
6 r* M5 n7 N5 g$ U/ W

New version notes :- s1 u5 m) v. m8 C
The upgrades are as follows* a/ M& S! O7 L
Optimization of Content:
4 j' `/ B3 m0 u" m4 P. R1,to optimize the speed of page rendering$ p9 e7 i3 B* @/ w! H6 K7 P" F) E `
2,optimization tips page* K9 S" C: O# Q; i' I" y* U
3,shows the name of optimization right-Save
& y8 ~* c( z+ t( h
Bugfixed:" K; g: P) h; n
1, called self-repair JAVA version of the browser was unable to download the issue
2, to repair its own browser called 302 not be able to download the jad Jump problem
3, called self-repair version 128k java not be able to download the browser in the annex to the issue of the Forum8 |& U$ _) S% L- G( w" g9 y
4, restoration can not be called under certain circumstances the question of UCplayers& V& W' X0 }( |# o) X
5, to repair the problem to post Baidu Post Bar
6, Netease repair information not be able to view and comment on the issue of1 ]- Z& F$ Q$ q+ _3 f) l
7, a new starting point for the network technology to repair website http://www.19wp. cn problem could not be opened1 L! C* m) u2 ^9 O& [( l: y' U
8, the starting point for network restoration can not comment on the article page problem
9, networks can not be happy to repair the sale of the question of a friend+ _. R# @" B- {
10, solve the Sohu blog has been prompted to read personal data$ y6 s. b* e7 r! Z4 u6 T- M3 M
11, to resolve http://www.cnbeta. com sites can not flip the question of
12, Netease blog can not solve the problem page9 f( ]6 q/ \5 W) V# O
13, the resolution of certain sites in the zoom mode display text and background errors
14, repair http://www.abada. cn site some download link issues can not be displayed
15, repair cn not be able to access the problem site% a& q3 U* w0 u2 o
16, repair network http://novel.hongxiu. com comment on the issue can not be displayed# g9 B$ z6 |; x( S" Q' O0 f
17, Marriott repair network http://www.8gvip. cn problem can not be accessed
18, to solve the digital IOI CN Chinese do not have access to the issue of the Forum$ [4 b9 A, o. }- E$ S. t
19, repair of European and American mobile phone forum http://bbs.1gou. com not be able to view the issue of certain posts* Z3 K @* i+ M
20, Shentong Express can not solve the problem landing
21, solution to China's 3G network testing business forum to update page content errors
22, solve the handheld empire http://www.it1862. com not be able to download the issue of certain resources
23, 2000 Sharon to repair the problem the community can not post messages0 u( h1 D3 Q" C! [+ W
24, repair,UC browser version Traditional Chinese annex garbled download problem
25, one-click site repair http://mnks.jxedt. com simulation test scores do not see the problem
26, repair of traffic police network, Shenzhen cn queries can not be p% |2 x" R. D0 v0 Z9 e
27, repair of the Forum everyday sounds http://bbs.ttpod.+ h! u8 X0 e8 Q6 [0 A! D$ t
28, repair, Yahoo mail can not display the message body input box problem
29, China dot com repair something which can not flip the question of forum5 @2 g5 m0 w4 u- E( e& E
30, repair Tao Bao com search goods can not display the problem of picture
31,163 Repair blog has been displayed in the issue of load32, repair, compression to open

Please uninstall your previous UCWEB6.5 before install this UCWEB.

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