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MOBILedit! Forensic | 28.00 MB

MOBILedit! Forensic is the world's most trusted phone investigation tool. Highly rated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, MOBILedit! Forensic is the primary mobile device investigation tool used in over 70 countries. Simply connect a phone and MOBILedit! Forensic extracts all content and generates a forensic report ready for courtroom presentation. These tamper-proof, flawless reports are used in hundreds of courtrooms every day.

Mobile phones contain some of the most important evidence in criminal investigations. Law enforcement agencies around the world need every possible advantage to help solve crimes. In many instances, mobile phones contain the important incriminating evidence that legal investigators require to solve a case. MOBILedit! Forensic has changed the way this evidence is obtained and presented. It provides reports with tamper-proof and indisputable evidence in a court of law. This report details out every piece of information in the phone such as call history, list of contacts, messages, photos, voice recordings, video, files, calendar, tasks, notes etc. MOBILedit! Forensic is a must-have for any forensic agent looking for that extra edge.

With just a single click, MOBILedit! Forensic collects all possible data from the mobile phone and generates an extensive report onto a PC that can be stored or printed. MOBILedit! Forensic is the most universal cellular phone solution with architecture able to support virtually all phones. MOBILedit! Forensic allows you to customize the output making it completely adaptable to the needs of your judicial system. MOBILedit! Forensic also has frequent updates and upgrades so that you can be sure you are using the absolute latest in technology.

* Analyze phones via Bluetooth, IrDA or cable connection
* Analyze phonebook, last dialed numbers, missed calls, received calls, SMS messages, multimedia messages, photos, files, phone details, calendar, notes, tasks and more
* Large quantity of phones supported
* Frequent updates and upgrades with new features and more phones
* Direct SIM analyzer through SIM readers
* Reads deleted messages from the SIM card
* Reports Generator based on your templates
* Print reports ready for courtroom
* Reports generated in any language
* Make backup now and reports when needed
* Manual investigation mode
* Secure and tamper-proof using MD5 hash
* Compliant with Word or any other RTF editor
* View formatted reports in browser including original pictures
* Exports to Word, Excel/XLS, browser, XML/XSL
* Complete solution including specific phone cables and SIM readers
* XML export - seamlessly connect MOBILedit! Forensic data with other systems
* Preferred/forbidden networks
* Hex dump viewer
* Free access to forensic forum

Changes in latest version:

New features and bug fixes:
* Support for Symbian UIQ3 phones added
* Organizer content copying fixed/improved
* Smoother activation process on Windows Vista
* Fixed minor bug during phone backup
* Fixed stability issue when receiving SMS during phone's File System browsing
* Virtual COM ports now included in Connection Wizard port searches
* More convenient application of downloaded skins
* Fixed display of signal quality on Sony Ericsson phones
* More intuitive automatic addition of new items to the Shortcut Bar

New phones:
LG KF300
LG KG920
LG KM380
Motorola EM30
Motorola ZN5
Nokia 2680 slide
Nokia 3600 slide
Nokia 3610 fold
Nokia 5000
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
Nokia 6121 classic
Nokia 6124 classic
Nokia 6220 classic
Nokia 6600 slide
Nokia E66
Nokia E71
Nokia N71
Nokia N95 8GB
Samsung GT-B2700
Samsung GT-i8510
Samsung GT-M8800
Samsung GT-S7330
Samsung SGH-B520
Samsung SGH-D980
Samsung SGH-E200
Samsung SGH-E2510
Samsung SGH-F400
Samsung SGH-G400
Samsung SGH-J700
Samsung SGH-J700V
Samsung SGH-J800
Samsung SGH-L700
Samsung SGH-L770V
Samsung SGH-L810V
Samsung SGH-M150
Samsung SGH-M3200
Samsung SGH-M3510
Samsung SGH-M7500
Samsung SGH-S3600
Samsung SGH-U800
Samsung SGH-U900V
Samsung SGH-ZV60
Sony Ericsson C510
Sony Ericsson C905
Sony Ericsson G705
Sony Ericsson T700i
Sony Ericsson W350i
Sony Ericsson W380i
Sony Ericsson W595i
Sony Ericsson W705i
Sony Ericsson W760i
Sony Ericsson W980i
Sony Ericsson Z555i
Sony Ericsson M600i
Sony Ericsson P1i


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