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Throughout the game’s ten levels, you’ll relive the greatest moments from Mission: Impossible™ 3, complete with a storyline and surroundings that are inspired by the film. You’ll revisit the scenery and ambiance of the main locations and meet up with characters from the film
You’ll be taken by surprise by the stages of intense action that come your way one right after the other as you play Ethan Hunt or one of the other two IMF agents. You won’t have a chance to rest! With enemies attacking you from all sides, you’ll have two options for neutralizing them. Attack them using one of your available weapons (stun gun, pistol, MP5 submachine gun, grenade launcher, and more) or send them flying using one of your many spectacular close combat moves.

Resolution: 128×128, 128×160, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320

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