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The Fourth Seal

Posted by mahaputra | 8:58 PM | | 0 comments »

Classic role-playing game with a great location, a mass of monsters and characters and a unique mode of battle. One of the best works in the mobile RPG last time. «Fourth Printing» tells the hero, who went to fight the scourge. His wait 10 levels and eight types of monsters with advanced intelligence. In a game of high quality graphics with a three-dimensional isometric projections, as in Diablo. By the way, you can make, buy or acquire any other way weapons, armor and magic spells. But most importantly - a unique battle system that allows the hero to perform those tricks that will honor another Fighting!

Screen sizes: 128x128, 128x160, 176x220, 240x320.

Size of archive: 1.01 MB

Download here:


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