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Smart SOS is presented as a perfect personal safety companion. With this application you can GPS location and snap images to your friends or family with only one click. In other words, Smart SOS can save your life.

Don't worry about any emergencies anymore. All you have to do is installing Smart SOS on your handset. With a single click, Smart SOS connects to satellites in your area, gets your exact location coordinates and sends them as SMS and/or E-mail messages.

Smart SOS also works with non-GPS devices, sending help requests through SMS and/or E-mail.

Smart SOS can silently capture images from your phone camera and send them (as MMS) to your family or friends, helping them identifying your location. When you want Smart SOS to act, a single click on the OK button is enough to save the day.

Continuous Operation
With a Client / Server structure, Smart SOS grants more stability and faster activation. Smart SOS will keep running in the background to quickly respond once the "OK" button is pressed.

Signed help requests
You will only enter a signature once and Smart SOS will always attach it to sent requests. This way people will know you even if they don't know your mobile number or E-mail account.

Activation Control
You are free to control the Smart SOS features activation. Application can be activated / deactivated from the "General" display

Help Request Content Control
You can edit the content of the SOS message in both "SMS help" display and "E-mail help" display. This way, SMS recipients can receive different SOS message than E-mail recipients

Full Compatibility
Thanks to Series 60 smart UI design. Smart SOS is compatible with all Nokia series 60 3rd edition phones. No need to worry about application compatibility anymore.

Quick Execution
Through (OK) and (C) buttons you can send or cancel help requests. Smart SOS will notify you with pop-up notification. A long press on (OK) button will show this message "Actions execution started" and a long press on (C) button will show this message "Actions execution stopped".

Execution Control
Using the Stop After you can set the execution time for the application from 5-60 minutes. In additon, the Action Interval allows you to set the number of executions for the application.

Help Request Content Control
From the main view of Smart SOS, you will know the status of the application (Active / Not active), your help request signature and your selected actions.

Multiple GPS Connectivity Options
Wheather you have a build in GPS or a wireless Bluetooth GPS module, Smart SOS will do the job as perfect as you need.

Features :

Send your accurate live location to your beloved in your customized SMS and Email Messages.
Send up to 10 SMS to different contacts with the ability to add GPS coordinates.
Send up to 10 E-mails to different contacts with GPS coordinates or snapshot attachments
Send snapshots through MMS to up to 10 recipients
Choose which camera to take snapshots through main / secondary camera.
Control the order of your actions "SMS/MMS/E-mail".
Control the sending time intervals between action(s) repetitions.

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