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The most revolutionary and funny game!

Follow the adventures of PandaManda, our big hero, trapped in a dangerous world, in the search of an exit to his home.

And if you owns a Nokia N95, you can play the game without keys! Only rotating your mobile phone!

Also, the game includes a lot of features as:

Level Editor:
You can make your own levels to play them, and the better... share them with other players around the word!

Online Ranking:
Are you the best playing PandaManda? See the online ranking, and try be the number one!

Online Community:
Making your own levels are funny, but the really interesting thing is share them with other players. Make a good map and see what think the community about it!

Game Table: Casual
Platform: Symbian OS
Graphics:Realtime 3D
Music: Yes
Online Score: Yes

Game Size: 3,1 MB

thanks to binpda

Download here:



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