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It cleans the information of confidential phone calls and sent and received SMS messages from commonly accessible folders of the phone in a Safe, which is only accessible upon entering a password. The information regarding phone numbers listed on the White List are considered confidential. The application furthermore refuses incoming phone calls and deletes SMS messages from phone numbers on the Black List.
Black & White Guard runs in the background, it is not on the list of running applications and it is possible to set its automatic start when the phone is turned on.
Black & White Guard is very simple to operate and, mainly, it will never forget to clean the phone.
A matter of course is the option to set automatic blocking of keyboard after a certain period of inactivity (30 - 300 seconds).

Application function
The user enters phone numbers on the White and Black Lists of the phone list.

White List (or Baby List or Parent List)
For the phone numbers on the White List, one can automatically delete information on phone calls from normally accessible folders in the phone, for example, from the list of last phone calls, and move them to the Safe. The same can also be performed with SMS messages (not with MMS messages), which can be easily automatically deleted and saved in the Safe.

White List settings:

* Saving information on:
o Calls from the phone
o Received phone calls
o Missed incoming calls
* Storing:
o Sent SMS messages
o Received SMS messages (read and unread)

Black List
For the phone numbers on the Black List, one can set automatic refusal of phone calls and automatic deleting of the SMS messages.

Black List settings:

* Refuse phone calls (on Nokia N93 supported only in Fold-closed mode)
* Delete SMS messages (not MMS messages)

Information in the Sate is accessible only upon entering a password in the application. One can work with the information in the Safe the same way as with the information which is normally accessible in the phone (received / sent SMS messages, information on phone calls).
If the application is running, the best way to enter the safe is: For one second, hold down the * button (or spacebar in case of QWERTY keyboards) and the Black & White application will ask you to enter the password. Entering the password will take you to the main application window. Press Joystick and the information stored in Safe displays immediately.

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