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AlMuathen v1.2

Posted by mahaputra | 9:11 PM | | 0 comments »

AlMuathen v1.2-accurate prayers timing for millions of cities in the world (16.04.09)

* AlMuathen is a very user-friendly application which let you have accurate prayers timing for millions of cities in the world.


Here is a list of implemented and tested features:

* It's possible to select a country and a town from very large list
* Customization of calculation method, juristic, daylight saving
* We can choose the athan to be played (medina, mekka...), the user can listen (play + stop) athan
* Gregorian and Hijri dates are displayed
* A splashscreen is displayed when launching the application
* The country, town, prayers time are displayed on the main window
* The qibla direction is diplayed according to the North
* All user options are saved
* Support touch screen phones
* ...

Change Log :

# Fix IHM bugs
# Add minutes adjustments according to local mosque
# Add customized cities

Download here:



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