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Lights On is a software service which is able to automatically turn on and keep activated the screen light of the phone as long as the charger is plugged in or based on a timeout period. The screenlight will never turn off until either the charger is plugged out or the timeout expires. It will also try to keep the keypad unlocked if you set this. You can also manually turn the light on/off using the applications settings.

Lights On is mainly useful while you are driving your car but you can easily use it for any other reason which requires keeping the screen light always turned on without your intervention.

When you plug the phone in the compatible car charger, after the inactivity time, many phones will turn the light off, showing the idle screen. This is very inconvenient because you can not easily see what the phone displays while you have to keep driving. Lights On reacts at the charger plug in events and will automatically keep the screen light activated/on allowing you to see and use the phone more easily. When you plug out the phone from the compatible car charger the screen light is turned back to the normal state (off); it will behave depending by the phone’s light settings.

The application could also be used when you are in a darkness area and you need the screen light to be always turned on/active without to touch your phone periodically.

Download Tektronic Lights On v1.04.74

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