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Shaanxi Haocheng Technology XCLOCK v2.00*Cracked*

Release Group ..............: BiNPDA
Version ....................: v2.00
Size .......................: 463 kb
Operating System ...........: S60v3 - SymbianOS9.1
Releasetype ................: Unsigned.Cracked
Releasedate ................: 03-20-09
Filename ...................:

XClock is one alarm software applicable to intelligent cellphone or PDA. The software can allow you to set many remindful work and set plentiful timing reminding music. You can select a music pre-stored on your cellphone, a music made by yourself and an instantly recorded voice as an alarm music; You can record the voice tip content to remind you what you should do at the alarm time, only by speaking, not by using hands,of various complex events enjoyably with XClock! Once owning it, you own a never tired, never mumped small living secretary who can forever work healthily and warmly without error!

Functional characteristics:

* XClock has 5 alarm modes, including A. Event alarm; B. Period alarm; C. Week alarm; D. monthly alarm; E.annual alarm. The 5 alarm modes plus Time Telling ,Countdown and Stopwatch can fully meet the time management work in your daily life and allow you to set many different events for timing reminder!

* XClock can allow you to set plentiful timing reminding music. You can select a fond music pre-stored in your cellphone, a music made by yourself and an instantly recorded voice as an alarm music; In this way, once hearing an alarm music, you can approximately know what event occurs on occasion of setting many alarms and shan't be confused because of setting too many alarms. Otherwise this also increases amusing feature of timing reminder!

* XClock can allow you to record the tip content of alarm voice. In one hand, this omits trivial and hard labor of inputting literal information on cellphone, PDA and other keypads. You can set alarms handily and instantly only by speaking, not by hands. On the other hand, XClock can remind you what you should do without error every time the alarm rings, like a small secretary of your life!

* Optional voice timing function of integral o'clock; You can select Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese and English female voice for integral o'clock timing in the setting timing time, including 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and so on!


In order to install "Unsigned" releases, you need to go trough a one-time procedure. You will need to install the in the release included "SecMan.v1.1.SiS". This program allows you to install our "Unsigned" releases which are released after 05-16-08,without signing them every time. It also can do some hacking to the platform security, such as disable and enable it again.

This app should work on almost all S60v3 OS9.1/9.2 devices. Although, some newer firmwares block this method, so it will not work there. Do not use this when you don't know what you're doing. It may cause serious harm to your device.

When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder on your phone, and find SecMan. Open it, follow instructions, and after reboot open it again and click on "Install Root Certificate". Then you can install the .sis file by opening it on your device,or on your pc using pc suite.

Please keep in mind, if you format / upgrade your phones firmware, you'll need to do this step again and after that manually install those apps from Application Manager.

NOTE: To install previous unsigned releases, use RootSiGN v1.0 (Included in the BiNPDA.Security.Manager 1.10 release) first to sign these releases with our root certificate. Have fun with this release from team BiNPDA

Download Shaanxi Haocheng Technology XCLOCK v2.00 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-BiNPDA

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