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Gladiator Manager II is a mix of strategy, RPG and manager games. You manage a team of gladiators in a world of Sword & Sorcery! You hire fantasy gladiators like strong minotaurs, wise wizards and brave knights to your team. You also buy weapons, armors and spells to them. Then you command them to battles against other

This sequel has double amount of gladiator classes, four new spell types and much more compared to the first Gladiator Manager game!

The game features include:
- 36 different gladiator classes with unique attributes and skills
- 6 different spell types: bolt, drain, stun, healing, might and ward spells
- 40 different spells
- Touch Screen & Full Screen support
- unlimited playing time
- tactical turn-based battles with automatic battle option
- 5 different battle speeds
- skills of gladiators improve with battle experience
- 6 weapon classes including ranged weapons
- league with 4 divisions and 16 teams
- extensive statistics of teams and gladiators
- High Score List
- save & load
- hours of exciting gladiator battles!

Screen size : 240*320

Download :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from Easy-Share

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