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Resco News V1.25

Posted by mahaputra | 1:51 PM | | 1 comments »

Resco News V1.25 NewReleased with replace Cracked S60v3 SymbianOS9.1

Resco’s News is an excellent RSS reader – I use it every day to stay on top of my news.

Its access to RSS feeds scattered all around the Web. Allows you to download and read latest news wherever you are.

Resco News reader uses tab-based interface that is easy to use and practical in organizing large amount of information. Three default tabs allow you to set up your information channels, organize them into the categories or subcategories, subscribe the channels you want to use and bookmark the headlines you want to save. You can define also any number of your own tabs.

Resco News reader uses tab-based interface. Three default tabs allow you to:

1. Manage your channels,

2. Organize them into the categories and tabs,

3. Subscribe to selected channels,

# Bookmark the headlines for later access. The tabs show the headlines. To see the full article, just select it and open. You can define your own tabs, specify various criteria for the channel update, exchange the channels with your friends etc. Note that Resco News comes pre-configured with many popular feeds so that you could start using them right-away.

Key Features :

1. User-defined categories

2. Headline coloring depending on the age or read status

3. Automatic update and removal of headlines

4. Open full articles in the web browser

5. Direct import of OPML files from a browser or file explorer

6. Direct opening of RSS files from a browser or file explorer

7. Sending of channels or headlines

8. Read headlines as plain text or HTML

9. Export headlines to HTML

10. Import/export of channels to/from OPML files

11. Downloads of podcasts, RSS 2.0 enclosed files

12. Support of RSS v 0.9x, v1.0, v2.0 and ATOM v0.x

13. Support for http redirects, proxy servers

Notes : First Install Resco News 1.24 after that gererate keygen successfull then install resco news 1.25 when ask replace version 1.24 with version 1.25 say o.k your resco news will get full version.

Download here : v1.25 S60v3 Incl Replace Cracked.rar

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