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Mobileways Remote S60 Professional v2.96 Incl Desktop S60v3

Remote Professional - Operate your phone from your desktop PC

Remote Professional by lets you operate your S60 or UIQ3 phone from your Windows computer. You can access and control all applications on your phone by using your PC's keyboard while watching the screen of your phone in a virtual window in real time.
The Perfect Tool for Presentations, Tutorials or Device and Application Testing

With Remote Professional, you can conveniently demo any applications or services on your phone in realtime. Remote Professional displays your phone's screen in a virtual window on your PC. You can either use a wireless bluetooth connection for best mobility during your presentation or a USB cable for best realtime performance.
Remote Professional supports skins for different mobile phone models, offers a customizable (HTML) fullscreen mode and allows you to record AVI movies.

For device and service testing, just let your automated testing tool control the Remote Professional Windows application. You can connect multiple devices to one PC by using multiple instances of Remote Professional.

Manage your Everyday Tasks

Remote Professional helps you compose SMS, enter contacts, add WAP/WEB URLs, create and change calender entries or manage your phone's settings with ease.

Features of Remote Professional:

- Connect your phone with the USB cable (compatible S60 3rd Edition, Series 60 v2 and UIQ3 phones only!) or by Bluetooth Serial Port
- For (old) Series 60 v1 phones: conveniently connect via the PC Suite / mRouter (Nokia 6600, 3650, N-Gage, Siemens SX1, Sendo X, Panasonic X700/X800)
- Support for multiple skins (showing different mobile phone models)
- Customizable (HTML) fullscreen mode (with zoom feature)
- 3 different zoom levels (2x, 3x and 4x)
- Use your keyboard to control your phone in realtime
- Use your mouse to control your phone in realtime (UIQ 3.0 only!)
- Make screenshots, copy them to the clipboard or save them to your PC
- Create AVI movies while navigating on your phone
- Profiles for quickly switching between different performance settings
- Advanced options for balancing performance vs. power consumption:
Reduced color modes, different compression levels, application priority, sampling frequency
- Multiple devices connected to the same PC by using multiple instances of Remote Professional

New Features in Remote Professional 2.96:

* Record a Flash video from the phone screen for online publishing (, …)
* Support for creating YouTube High Quality videos (480 x 360, 30 fps)
* Built-in Flash ’ScreenVideo’ Codec for creating lossless Flash videos (FLV files)
* Automatically handles screen orientation changes (Landscape <-> Portrait)
* Create uncompressed and lossless AVI movies for further video editing
* Add a phone skin to the video recording
* Frame size and background color now freely configurable
* Automatic downscaling to fit the framesize
* Optionally upscaling of the phone screen (Cubic Convolution)
* Copy & paste text from the PC to the Phone and vice versa (S60 only)
* Open any URL in the phone browser from a dialog on the PC (S60 only)

Download here :

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