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Simple to learn, interesting to play and challenging to master!!!
"King of the Jungle" is a variation of Chess, based on the Chinese game of "Dou Shou Qi". The two players (Red and Blue) move alternately. Both players have 8 animals initially. Each animal has a unique strength with the Elephant having the highest ( and the Mouse having the lowest (1). The objective is to get one of your animals into the den of the opponent (at the opposite side of the board)

The board consists of 7 x 9 squares, representing the territories of two players in the jungle. At each player's end is a den. Adjoining the den are three special squares denoting traps. There is a river, with 3 bridges across it, that runs along the center of the board. The animals are lined up in the initial formation, with the strength of each animal mentioned alongside.

Each animal can move one square at a time in vertical or horizontal direction. Diagonal moves are not permitted. No animal may enter its own den. Only one animal may occupy a square at any time. No animal may move to a square occupied by an animal of higher strength (subject to the rules of capture given below). Red makes the first move. While playing against the Phone, the Human player plays with the Red Animals.

Some special moves allowed are:
* The mouse is the ONLY animal that can enter the river. Other animals must use a bridge to get across the river
* The lion and tiger may 'jump' in a straight line, across the river (vertically) or from one bridge to another (horizontally). Such a leap is not allowed if a mouse is in the line of the jump

An animal may capture its counterpart or any other animal of lesser strength. A capture is performed by moving to the square occupied by the animal to be captured, subject to the rules of Moves. Special cases are:

* The mouse may capture the elephant but the elephant may NOT capture the mouse
* A mouse in the river may NOT capture an animal on land or on the bridges. It may however capture the opponent mouse if both animals are inside the river
* Any animal that is on a trap square (adjacent to the den) may be captured by any of the opponents pieces, irrespective of strength. An elephant may even capture a mouse in such a case
* The lion and tiger may capture by "leaping" across the river

A player wins the game in either of the two cases:
* Any animal belonging to that player enters the den of the opponent
* All the opponent's pieces have been captured by the player

* Option of 2-Player (Human Vs Human) and two difficulty levels of Human Vs Phone
* Save game at any stage and resume later by loading the game from the Main Menu

* Move the yellow cursor to the animal you wish to move and press "Select". A blue outline appears indicating that the animal is selected
* Next, move the cursor to the square you wish to move the animal, and press "Move To". If the move is valid, then the animal is moved to the new square
* To change your move mid-way, move the cursor back to the selected animal and press "Move To". The blue outline will disappear indicating that the animal is de-selected
* The circle on the top left of the screen indicates the player who is to make the current move. After a successful move, the color of the circle changes to indicate the next player's move
* While playing against the phone, a message "Thinking ..." is displayed at the bottom of the screen during the Phone's move. No user action is registered until the Phone completes its move.
* Press "Quit" to exit the game at any stage. You will be given the option to Save the current game state. The last saved game may be loaded using the Load Game option in the Main Menu.

Screen size : 240*320

Download :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from Easy-Share

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