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jB5 Mobile Browser aims at making the vision ubiquitous mobile browser a reality by enabling its award-winning truly mobile browser on the widest range of feature phones.

This is dedicated to all you mobile enthusiasts who want the Best Mobile Browser.

Browsing the web via a mobile jB5 Mobile Browser v1.38.60(Signed) presents many challenges  from the obvious limitations of the devices screen and lack of full keyboard and pointing device, to the less visible processing capability constraints, to the subtle problems of web pages not compliant with standards. Handling this effectively requires browsers to be built ground up for mobile devices and not just be ports of browsers designed for desktops or set-top boxes which are decidedly closer to desktops than mobile jB5 Mobile Browser v1.38.60(Signed).

Rich Heritage

jB5 - the truly mobile browser, has been evolving continuously over the last 6 years and more, right from the time the first WAP browser made its appearance in year 2000. jB5 is architected to extend the excellence of its earlier WAP1x and WAP2 browsers to the HTML world which has seen more than 20 million product licenses being issued.
The combined WAP and HTML mobile browser delivers powerful web browsing functions and provides excellent support for WAP standards including support for WAP1x and WAP2 protocols and content types.
Award-Winning Technology

jB5 with its Adaptive Rendering - ART® has evoked tremendous interest in the mobile devices technology marketplace. Within 9 months of its launch, jB5 with ART® has won for Jataayu the ZDNet Asian Top Techno Visionary 2006 award.

Whats special about ART®

ART or Adaptive Rendering Technology, provides the most usable adaptation of web pages for mobile phones. ART provides the flexibility to select the rendering mechanism best suited for the variety of device capabilities in use today and provides for a continuous enhancement of adaptation algorithms. ART enables a new level of content presentation ultimately making it easier for users to access content and services than before.

Features of jB5 Mobile Browser

Script enabled
Security enabled
Multiple Windows*
File upload
Import bookmarks
Link on Home Screen*
One click access to accounts*
Selectable user agent
View mode options

Mobile Browser - Unique Features
Import Bookmarks Wizard
jB5 Mobile Browser provides you the facility to import all your bookmarks/favorites from your browser on your Desktop PC using the Import Bookmark feature. This provides desktop users the power of getting all their favorites/bookmarks into their mobile browser quickly.
Personalize Wizard
Personalize Wizard allows you to preserve values entered in form fields for future use. Thus pages containing form fields that need to be filled in frequently like login pages, query pages, etc, can be saved once and accessed without having to re-enter these fields again. Pages stored using Personalize Wizard will take you directly to the resulting page, thus bypassing the initial page where these fields would otherwise have to be entered.

A special folder called “Personalize Wizard” folder will be created in Favorites folder in jB5. This folder will contain special bookmarks created by Personalize Wizard.

Personalize Folder may be locked by a PIN (a 4-digit number) to avoid unauthorized access. PIN for Personalize Folder can be set by selecting Options->Settings on jB5’s main menu. On the Settings screen, scroll down and click on the “Manage personalize Wizard PIN” link. Enter current PIN (if set previously) and the new PIN. Leaving the new PIN field blank, will unset the PIN allowing access to “Personalize Wizard” without validation.

Note: Personalize Wizard PIN cannot be retrieved if lost. In the event you loose the PIN, you will have to delete the Personalize Wizard folder completely. Doing so, will also delete all the stored links as well.

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