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"Common Knowledge Quiz" provides a series of questions covering typical matters from your everyday life, and aims to increase your proficiency in areas such as art, history, science, nature, society and logic. Your score is based on how well you perform the daily test and is recorded for convenient progress tracking. It will automatically build a personal & adaptive program accordingly. This game is sure to make you smarter, regardless of your age, education or cultural background!
- Deal with 5 categories of matters from everyday life: Art, science, nature, society, logic.
- Evaluate your level of common sense & knowledge through a daily test.
- Thanks to the Practice mode, improve your knowledge within specific area of expertise.
- 5 level of difficulties to adjust the level to your own capacities.
- Check your overall performance using a stats chart.
- A friendly & intuitive interface makes it ideal for quick-and-play sessions.


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