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TOTAL PATROL(Watch Total)v2.1.23 unsigned (missedcall,unread sms reminder) update 24/02/09

A program to remind about all the missed events.It works on all versions of Symbian v3. Including my Nokia 5800

Now supports:
* Fixed a bug where the guard does not stop after viewing the missed call log.
* Ignored post. Напоминает о пропущенных SMS, MMS, Bluetooth Recalls Missed SMS, MMS, Bluetooth communications.
* Low charge and the end of battery

Significantly enhance the ability of your alert. You can use three kinds of signals: sound, vibration, illumination. When you set each alarm can be configured: the volume, taking into account the profile, alarm time, rhythm vibrosignala and lights. And you can customize the alerts for each of otlezhivaemyh events, and as soon as possible for all.

Included requests:
#Playing the melody from the list at the moment of choice tunes.
#Expand the possibilities for setting up the sound. Make a general setting for the entire program, but for each of the alerts, you can choose: to use a general or a private scheme to set up alerts.Give the opportunity to designate the volume signal. Consider that in the profile is selected increscent signal. Ability to specify a time period in which you can send a signal.

* Replace the signal-to-point vibration on the vibration-tire.One signal is short, the next longest.The interval between the signals does not change.
* Include a message to one-time flashing screen when the screen lights up briefly on a couple of seconds and slowly extinguished.
* For each type of signal (sound, vibration, flashing) to adjust the alarm period.
* The first reminder for calls and SMS to be over a given period, a reminder of the lowest grade immediately.
I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me in developing the program. Without your help, your ideas without a watch would not have been so good. Icons and sounds:
* Pasha Joymaker - Icons Watch this person and it turned out very nice. New sounds was reached super stylish. I replaced his lobster at "Silent 2.

Download Total Patrol v2.1.23 :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from KewlShare

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