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Screenshots can be called super-phone client software screenshot strongest, bringing in simplified and traditional Chinese and English
Draw on open source software software screenshot Screenshot, Screenshots original engine, makes the software (super screenshot) can be interception, including desktop wizard, magic-for-message, desktop, including almost all the Chinese in the screen display design
With a watermark feature to set up switches, and can customize the watermark pattern, give you a screenshot of icing on the cake, personalized full
Watermark document data \ superscreenshot \ watermark.mbm

History update:

v1.00 realize the desktop wizard, magic-for-message, desktop, including almost all Chinese can be displayed on the screen logo screen interception.
v1.01 screenshot engine increased to Super-I, Super-II, Super-III, Normal, Super Series for the original engine, Normal for General screenshot engine (should not the interception of desktop software such as the wizard), the updated engine can adapt to the desktop rotation after the shots, such as screenshots or abnormal exit.try using Super Series other engine; change the background image

Download :

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