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Unpacks any sis / sisx SmartSIS file in the directory.
The more the longer file unpacks, sometimes even reaches one minute. The main thing is that operativy is enough. Before running preferably close all programs launched in the background.

- Packaging in the SIS package
- Unpacking SIS packages
- Signed certificates (devcert or self-signed) and depodpis of existing SIS-package
- Creating a full-fledged application with the icon in the menu of Python script (py2sis)
- Working with MIF files - unpacking / packaging one file or paketno
- Detailed background

New in version 2.2.6 :
(*) completely rewritten and optimized source code program
(*) Downloading and work programme has become faster
(*) MIF-utility: utility to the MIF files
(*) The new advanced progress bar, with information on the current therapeutic file
(*) Time - the duration of an operation
(*) Two types of warning: the sound and vibration
(*) Packaging: pakuemogo increased the size of the file, 12.5 MB limit theoretically, virtually dependent on RAM
(*) Packaging and py2sis: the possibility of separate files on the disk package (!, E, C)
(*) Packaging and py2sis: a choice of language for SIS-package
(*) Packaging and py2sis: plain text file encoded Attachment to the SIS-package, it is now possible to encode to any of the three encodings - Win 1251, Unicode, UTF-8, the support of the Russian language in all encodings
(*) MobiSigner v1.1 by fann95 - Signature's a separate annex
(*) Signed: optimized source code

To work needed Python 1.4.1 and modulpak megaPyModulePack
. The program is installed into your phone, so Python and modulpak should be there, too.
C:/System/Apps/SmartSIS/ss.pydb If the program does not run, then we need to remove the old version of the file C: / System / Apps / SmartSIS / ss.pydb

Download :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from Rapidshare

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