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Smartphoneware Best Crypto v2.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Icon Added Unsigned Cracked-PersianPDA

To manage your Best Crypto files you can use "Safe list" and/or "File Browser" features:

Safe list Add files you encrypt and decrypt very often to "Safe list". It's quite a handy option if you do not want to look for these files every time you need to encrypt/decrypt them."Safe list" detects the selected file state automatically and allows you to perform the needed action fastly. Current file is encrypted. Press "Decrypt" button and type correct password to decrypt. State of the current file is undefined or the file was moved/deleted from its original location. Press "Details" button to see the problem description.
All other files marked with icons describing their types are not encrypted and can be viewed by any file viewer/editor associated with this file type. To protect these files use "Encrypt" command and specify a password you want to encrypt them with. File browser
To encrypt/decrypt any file on your device use built-in "File Browser". To access the file browser select "File Browser" command in menu. It's easy to work with, just select any files (multiselection is allowed) and use encrypt or decrypt command in menu. Session options For every file you encrypt you may assign different password. But we understand that in some situation users would like to use the same password to encrypt/decrypt several files. If so, select "Keep key" option in "Session options" menu. While the application is running it'll be typing last entered password automatically when you encrypt or decrypt files. So if you using the same password for all files you need to type it only once. After you close the application this password is reset and you will need to type it again when you start the application again. If you do not need this option select "Don't keep key" option.

Behind the screen :

* Reliable encryption of any kind of data by using the international industry standard system RC6 (ECB-Mode) and MD5 algorithms
* High speed encryption and decryption process
* Passwords are not stored on the device to increase the safety further. Password verification is performed by checking digital signs.

Please note: your password is not stored anywhere inside the application, encrypted files or in some place on your device in order to increase the safety. Password verification is performed by checking digital signs (digital signs say nothing about your password or encrypted data nature). It means that no person (including the application developers) can open and see your data without specifying correct password. Please don't forget your password as there's no way to access your data without it!

Download :

Click to download from Rapidshare
Click to download from Ziddu

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