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Ave Caesar! In the brand new HandyGames™ real time strategy game everyone can be the ruler over the roman people and the roman legions on the mobile! Dispossess in fine tradition the ruling imperator and create your own empire as mighty Caesar!
Command obeisant architects to construct dignified buildings for your citizens! Set up a powerful army and become a great general because of the threatening menace at the horizon: Wild barbarians are moving towards Rome to destroy your city and to steal your precious freshly pressed Sucus!
Be well prepared for their warriors, shamans and hungry wolves! Care for your citizens, strengthen your units and show the barbarians who rules the lands! Train your foolish army and command them to defend Rome by all means! Caesarem Populusque Romanus – For the Emperor and the roman citizens!
Command Rome's legions on your mobile phone! The new HandyGames™ real time strategy game Romans and Barbarians

- Thrilling strategy game in ancient Rome
- Many architectonical masterpieces to build up
- Different army units that wait for your orders
- Epic battles against savage Barbarians and their wild animals
- Challenging events to prove as real emperor
- Funny cartoon world with colourful Romans
- Highscore for competing emperors

The RAR files contain 2 JAR, english & spanish versions.

Download here for free :

Romans and Barbarians 176*208 (N3250)

Romans and Barbarians 320*240 (E71)

Romans and Barbarians 352*416 (N80)

Romans and Barbarians 240*320 3D (N95)

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