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Demon Hunter is an Action Role Playing Game (A-RPG). In the game, player will act as a monster hunter, who makes a living in the mountainous area by demon hunting. To defeat the legendary Dragon, Besimmons, as well as to safeguard the peace of Tata Village, player has to penetrate into the unknown forests and mountains, swamp and deserts, to find and defeat the legendary demons. Meanwhile, the most powerful weapons can be refined by their bones, teeth and etc., to help to player to become the greatest Demon Hunter.
In the game, player will experience a hunter’s life: Compounding new and fantastic props and weapons by materials from the demon ashes; Setting tramps to capture monsters; Collecting precious timbers and diamonds; Striking monsters along the river bank. All kinds of landscapes and diversified tasks will greatly enrich the adventures, and bring more fun to players.

Game Features :

Dynamic Avatar Change
The avatar system makes the graphics much more expressive, offering real-like experience to players. New weapons equipped will be not only seen visually, but also be felt by their performance differences in the battle. No matter quick attack by cutl**** or strong chop by broadsword, or distance pricking by spear, will bring different feeling of handle and phase. During the intense fighting, dynamic avatar changes really bring more attractions to the exciting battles.

Compound at your Pleasure

The nature is a rich and generous treasury. A proficient hunter can both collect herbs to compound cures, and mine in the mountains to create armors and weapons. Almost all materials for prop-compounding are taken from the nature. While on the way of adventures, it is no problem to obtain necessary consumptions by compounding. Over a hundred kinds of equipment and props can help player to become the most powerful dragon hunter.

Succesive Equipment Update
By the superior weapons obtained by refining and updating, the demon hunter can manage the encounter of high-level monsters at ease. The refining master in the game can help player to promote the weapons constantly.

Ancient Myth Land and Lottery Collection
It is said that mysterious treasures are hidden in the ancient myth land. What’s more, sometimes lottery will drop from demon ashes, players can collect lotteries by hunting in the forest.

Handset Support :

Nokia : 2650/3100/3108/3120/3200/3300/6030/6100/6108/6220/6610/
N6300/ N73/N93/E50/N71/ E62/ N5500

Download :

Demon Hunter

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