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Get ready to track a bear in Montana, hunt for deer from a moving 4×4, and much more! The 16 challenges in Big Range Hunting will take you through American forests, the African savannah, and the snow-covered plains of Canada. You’ll hunt 8 types of animals (lion, deer, duck, bear, etc.) with various weapons, including a scope rifle, crossbow, and air rifle. Whether you’re a shooting game fan or an occasional player, get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt in this shooting game for everyone, where the animals will amaze you with their ultra-realistic reactions!

- A shooting game for everyone: no hunting knowledge is necessary for you to have a blast.
- Choose between the “”challenge”” mode and the “”free hunt”” mode depending on how much time you have.
- 16 increasingly difficult challenges with objectives mixing fun and realism.
- The most diverse hunting game with its 8 animals and 3 maps (USA, Canada, Africa).
- 4 different weapons and a hunting dog that will help you drive the prey.
- Animals with ultra-realistic behaviors and animations.

Handset supports:
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Screen Resolution 176X208,352X416,240X320,320×240

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