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Once you’ve built your doll, wisely choose what kind of curse to apply. When using Amazing Pocket Voodoo (or any other kind of revenge spell), always adhere to the cosmic laws of Karma and be sure that the voodoo doll is hurt only as much as you were, NOT MORE! Possible curses include; Guillotine, incineration, acid burns, and nuclear blast. Dozens of lambs, chickens, and toads were sacrificed under the expert supervision of an authentic Haitian voodoo priestess during the development of this product to ensure the level of effectiveness you deserve. We accept no liabilities resulting from the use of this product. Not just a mere replacement of a straw doll—it’s the future of voodoo today on your mobile! Guarantees hours of pin-pricking fun.

Screen Size : 240*320

Download :

Click to download from Ziddu
Click to download from KewlShare

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