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Old Version worked on S60v3 use APAC Firmware only (Supported Chinese language)
no need install patch 4 run TTPOD, worked all S60v3 firmware ^_^!
Big thanks to ddeathmetal, my friend -> who translated this Great Music Player!

Every day is a pleasant to the ears are not required to register, completely free cell phone music player software, set playback, equalizer, lyrics, sleep mode, alarm clock and many other functions, operation simple and powerful. Every day, appealing to the user's need for the development direction and strive to become the user in mind the best player, becoming the most popular cell phone music player software.

Official Version 3.2.0 new features:
1. Increase the display album art, the perfect song built to support the cover shows
2. Add "new list", the management of a custom list of more easily
3. To increase "will not allow any tone" option, songs undisturbed
4. ID3 tag editing features to enhance and support the three mainstream MP3/WMA/AAC format ID3v1/ID3v2 label information synchronization write thoroughly garbled farewell
5. Support the album cover and the cell phone as a background theme, transparency free adjustment, DIYpersonalized skin
6. To support the fast songs Jump, Jump free choice time, super-long song is no longer trouble
7. To support more skin grammar, making the skin more fun
8. Humanization fade playback, so the ears feel more comfortable
9.'s Accession to full-screen mode visual shortcuts to support the operation more convenient
10. Optimization of the lyrics show, add the lyrics of three modes: Karaoke ok mode / current row fade / lyrics around and Align Center, showing the effect of free combination, more want to see the lyrics

Traditional function :
1. Software supports a list of players, folders player. Everyday sounds, such as support WMA MP3 OGG audio player
2. Can be easily carried out on the playlist collection, delete, modify, such as management
3. Can single cycle, all cycle, and random play the way to play your favorite songs
4. Software support Show song information.
5. Everyday nice interface directly marking the shortcuts, user-friendly, and arranged for a number of special function keys
6. The use of the process must scan their own music library, will be mobile in the song is added to every day nice playlist
7. Of course, every day, and ultimately, the lyrics show sounds
8. Software provides a sleep mode, in your sleep will not forget the players shut down the use of mobile phone battery depletion
9. Everyday sounds also provided such as a keyboard key lock, alarm clock and other functions
10. Supports the replacement of the skin
11. Completely solve the problem of garbled mp3 player
12. Free to choose songs and directories of local players
13. Supports the custom equalizer, while a variety of preset equalizer style, such as pop, dance, flat, Bass
14. Provision of songs ID3 modify, and no longer have to worry for garbled
15. Online songs, lyrics search. "Options" -> "lyrics show" -> "automatically download lyrics of" default option closed, when the option is open, every day will automatically search through the network broadcast the song lyrics
16. Play-by-wire
17. Menu shortcuts to provide figures

Support models:
Nokia 3250/5320/5500/6110/5700/6110/6120/6120c/6121/6290

Download :

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