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Ice Age 2: Arctic Slide is the fastest thrill-ride to zip thru mobile. Play as Scrat, whose love for acorns gets him into catastrophic trouble. Slide down frosty slopes, stalagmite caves and mountain peaks, seeking the coveted acorn. Overcome treacherous obstacles of the frozen tundra. bursting geysers, raging snowballs and exploding avalanches. Your mobile will smile with 18 levels of roller-coaster fun. Flip the phone on its side for Widescreen mode: bigger landscapes and enhanced gameplay.

Features :

* Roller-coaster style with smooth, zippy performance make for a thrill-ride of a platformer.
* Superb graphics bring to life the animated world of Ice Age 2.
* Leap over chasms and rolling snowballs, duck under stalagmites and icicles, burst through geysers and race past avalanches.
* Four environments (snow, cave, ice and mountain). 18 levels make this game uniquely compelling to the novice film fan and the action/adventure gamer.
* Two modes of play. Play the game in the traditional mobile phone format or turn your mobile gaming world on its side. The Widescreen Mode lets you turn your phone sideways to get a longer perspective of the rolling, icy world of Ice Age 2: Arctic Slide.

Screen size : 240*320

Download :

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