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Fingertip Access Ultimate SMS v.2.0.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-illusion

Ultimate SMS satisfies all your SMS sending/receiving needs. It keeps all your SMS messages private and safe on your phone. It schedules automatic SMS sending for you. It filters out unwanted SMS by senders and contents you specify. It notifies you of new incoming SMS using customized alert tones for different phone numbers / contacts of your choice. It also can send encrypted SMS to people in a list of you own. It lets you create template SMS and assign hotkeys to those templates so that you send a predefined SMS by simply pressing some keys on your phone screen. It groups all your messages into conversation thread based on senders and receivers so that you can view messages in context.
With Ultimate SMS, you can also export all your incoming and outgoing SMS on your phone to a text file. All your incoming and outgoing messages are encrypted inside some internal database, and no body, no other applications can access those messages.

Major Features :

* Keep all your SMS messages private and safe. All your SMS messages are encrypted inside internal databases. No other programs can gain access to them. In addition, you can specify a password for the application itself.
* Schedule SMS messages. You can specify as many time schedules as you need for a SMS message. The schedule can be a one-shot schedule, which will be discarded once completed, or it can be a repeating schedule, for example, sending messages on every Monday, Tuesday, or on every Sunday, or even everyday at specific times.
* Make template messages. You can make some ready-to-use messages, and later on when you need to send them, just press hotkeys and there they go. Easy and quick! The template messages are also available for use in message editor.
* Group SMS in threaded conversations. All your messages to or from the same mobile number will be organized in the same conversation thread so that you can view them in context.
* Filter unwanted SMS. You can define your own filter rules, such as a list of phone numbers, or a list of text patterns, and you won't waste your time on them any more.
* Customize alert tones. You can specify different alert tones for incoming SMS from different numbers so that you will know who sent the message by tone.
* Send SMS by hotkey. You can define a hotkey for a template you make. And simply pressing its hotkey anytime, the template message can be sent out. you can also bring up a SMS editor by pressing "*0*" anytime.
* Encrypt outgoing messages. You can choose to let application encrypt all outgoing messages, or messages to a list of phone numbers or contact groups, and then only people using the same application can view the messages.
* Dial mobile number. You can directly dial the mobile phone number where a SMS came from inside the application.
* Add a mobile number to contact book. You can directly add the mobile phone number where a SMS came from to your contact book inside the application.
* Allow long messages. The application will automatically split a message that is longer than SMS length limit into multiple messages, and assemble them into one message at receiver side using the same application.
* Export messages. You can export all your incoming and outgoing messages into a text file.
* Import messages. You can import all your messages before using this application so that those messages are safe and private as well.
Quick guide Please refer to user guide for further information.
The application consists of three main views: Conversation view, Template view and Schedule view. You can use navigation left/right key to switch views. There is also a Setting view where you specify your preferences of using the application, and it can be accessed by pressing Options->Settings. From the setting view, you can manage SMS filter view, Alert tone view and encryption view as well.
* Conversation View. Conversation view lists all incoming and outgoing SMS messages on your phone. SMS messages are organized by mobile numbers, that is, messages from/to the same mobile number within 12 hour window are listed as one conversation thread so that you can view them in context easily.
Press Options->Open will bring you to a detailed message view where all messages in a conversation are shown. You can also press center navigation key for the same operation.
* Template View. A template contains some ready-to-use text contents, and optionally some default recipients (mobile numbers).
A template can have multiple time schedules or can have a hotkey (key sequence) defined and you can easily send a template by pressing its hotkey.
If a template has default recipients defined, then when you press its hotkey, the template will be sent out to those recipients; otherwise, you will be prompted to enter destination mobile numbers.
* Schedule View. You can create a non-repating One-shot schedule. For example, you may want to send one single message to somebody on 4:00pm today. You can create such a schedule by picking a particular date and time. Once the schedule is completed, it will be deleted automatically.
You can specify a schedule for a template that repeats at a time interval you need. For example, you can specify a schedule to send someone a message on every Monday, Tuesday at 8:00 am, or on Every Sunday, or even every day.
* Setting View. Confirm hotkeys. If yes, then a dialog will pop up to ask for your permission when a hotkey is pressed to send a template.
Application password. If specified, the password must be correctly entered each time you launch the application interface from phone menu.
Auto start. If enabled, then the application will automatically get started upon your phone boot, and ready to send schedules or accept hotkeys and monitor all your incoming /outgoing messages.
Delivery report. If yes, for each sent out message, a delivery report will be requested from your service provider. It depends on your service provider's policy and may lead to extra messages.
Allow long messages. If yes, you can enter a SMS longer than 160 characters, and it will be split into multiple SMS's to send. The split messages will be assembled automatically at receiving side by UltimateSMS.
Show indicator. Specify whether to show an envelope icon on the top of phone screen after your press "Hide" and let the application run in the background. The icon can be configured to show all the time, never, or only when there are unread SMS.
Prompt for billable events.If yes, then you will be asked for permission each time a SMS is about to be sent manually or automatically.
Run in background. If yes, after you press ?Hide?, the application will run in background mode, and won’'''t show up in task list. It saves memory and resource usage in this mode.
SMS filter rule. You can filter out all messages, allow all messages or allow all messages from your contacts only. And if you choose "Filter by rule", then you can Press Options->"Edit SMS filter" to specify your own filter rules by phone numbers or text patterns.
Incoming SMS alert tones. Instead of being alerted by the same tone on all incoming SMS messages, you can specify different tones for individual contacts or contact groups.
Send encrypted SMS. If yes, all outgoing messages will be encrypted, and only people using the same application will be able to view the messages. You can choose "Encryption list" and only messages to those phones or groups in the list will be encrypted.

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