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A useful tool working with GSM cells and GPS position data. It allows assigning various actions to be automatically performed while entering or exiting a specific location: play a sound, change profile, launch an application, send SMS or e-mail and many other actions.

Main features:

* Grouping several GSM cells into one location and working with it;
* Specifying a GPS position and accuracy radius for a location;
* Sound and text alerts upon location change;
* Assigning various actions performed upon entering or exiting a location;
* Ability to rename GSM cells, tagging them with intelligible labels;
* Detailed information on GSM cells;
* Intuitive easy to use user interface;

What's new in Best GSMNavigator for S60 3rd and 5th edition version 1.03:

* S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition versions are merged;
* Issue with GSM location is fixed;
* Chinese localization is added;

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Discover how many calories burned during exercise is affected by body weight, intensity of workout, conditioning level and metabolism

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IVCM is an IVR based call manager + no beep call recorder. Its the most powerful and professional call manager on the market.

* Customizable, professional IVR responses (Whats IVR): IVR can be your answering machine or personal operator. With your personalize greeting to instruct callers to leave a message, press key to transfer their calls to other numbers, or answer by yourself!

* Unlimited time, no beep call recorder for incoming and outgoing calls.

* Many popular features like: accept/reject calls by lists/phonebook, reject calls by SMS, and divert calls by lists/phonebook.

* Flexible, unlimited profiles to define different call handing methods for your different situations.

* Weekly or daily schedules to activate different profiles automatically.

Eight responses for incoming callers
When an incoming voice or video callers are in a specific list or phonebook, there are possible eight methods to handle their calls.

* Accept (don't handle)

* Respond by personal IVR: Callers will hear your personal greeting to instruct them to press keys. Possible selections like leaving a message (answering machine), transferring their calls to other numbers or answering by yourself.

* Send busy tone

* Reject by SMS

* Divert call to operator's voicemail system or other numbers

* Record conversation WITH or WITHOUT BEEP (This can be applied to both incoming and outgoing callers)

* Mute ringer

* IVR or record: If you answered incoming calls by yourself within the delay time you set, call conversations will be recorded. Otherwise, IVR will answer these incoming calls.

Flexible, unlimited profiles

You can divide callers into at most seven groups, including five groups determined by phonebook or lists, a group for callers not in above lists and a group for private number. Then assign any response method above to any group. These combinations are called profiles. You can create unlimited profiles as you wish.

Powerful weekly or daily scheduler
You can configure to activate any profile automatically at appointed time every day or every week. For example, Activating "Office" profile at 9:00am and "Off duty" profile at 7:00pm from Monday to Friday, them activating "Holiday" profile on Saturday and Sunday.

Change Log :

* Now can run with PhonePilot and Phone Alone at the same time to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

* Improve IVR handling mechanism on S60 5th devices. In some cases, older versions will cause S60 5th devices always reply with busy tone abnormally after many IVR responses.

* Now S60 5th devices won't complain incompatible warning when installing this version.

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Have fun with bubbles! Touch the screen to draw bubbles on the screen and watch them float away!

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The only software that lets you create your own personal theme right on your Nokia S60 phone! All is done in a few minutes! Pick any photo, choose from 12 theme templates, store up to 6 personalized themes, and bring a new look on your phone instantly. Changing theme has never been more easy and fun! It's really a must-have for every S60 phones.

New features include:
6 more theme templates, with application icons also!
Can add 2 photos! One for idle screen background and one for menu background
Can change text color of title and content. 40 different colors are provided.
Support 8 languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Trandition Chinese, Simplified ChineseIt's just that easy!
You are about 5 minutes away from your 1st personal theme!

Follow these easy steps to create your own theme in minutes!

1. Select 1 of the 6 available theme slots. You can save up to 6 personal themes using these slot
2. After you selected a slot, you can personalize your themes here. You can choose theme template, theme name, background images, ring tone etc.
3. There are 12 templates choices. Each with different text color and style.
4. Preview the look and feel of a template before you decide.

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Best Compass app for Symbian!

Two fantastic compass styles to choose from.

You can have a compass icon always showing on your phone screen! The size and display area can be easily configured.

You need to Calibrate the Sensor Compass first: Rotating your phone around all axes in a continuous movement.

Register with any 8 digits

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Bloove is web-based mobile phone management service. Edit your contacts, make calls and work with SMS using your favorite browser. Bloove is like PC Suite for the web. It allows you to manage your phone via web browser without cables or Bluetooth. Only data connection is needed.


With Bloove it is easy to create, edit and delete contacts on your phone. Our goal is to provide as much abilities as possible on the phone itself. So Bloove supports changing contact attributes, custom labels, multiple field instances, setting of default values, contact pictures.

Contacts on SIM

You can edit SIM contacts the same way as usual. Plus you can copy contacts from SIM to phone memory and vice versa.

Contact archive

If you have a large contact list, not all contacts are needed all the time. You can move rarely used contacts to the Archive and get more free space on the phone. Once you need these contacts you can always move them back.

Message folders

Bloove provides access to messages in your Inbox, Sent and other folders. User folders can be created, renamed or deleted. You can move messages between folders.

Message archive

If you delete a message on the phone, its archived copy will be stored on the server. You can archive any messages and folders using our web interface - archived items are deleted from the phone and kept on the server. Use archive function to unclutter your phone and free some space. You can search and browse through your entire message list regardless if a message is archived or not. You can always restore archived messages to the phone in case you need them. Delete forever command deletes messages both on the phone and on the server completely and can't be undone.

Send message/Initiate call

You can send a message either by entering number manually or choosing it from your contact list. Bloove supports sending messages to multiple recipients. If you are sending a long message, it is usually divided into smaller parts. Bloove automatically calculates the number of parts to be send. There is an option to send a Flash SMS, which immediately appears on a recipient phone screen.

You can initiate your call remotely on the phone either by entering number manually or choosing it from your contact list. Bloove doesn't route voice channel to your computer, it just dials the number. You can speak as usual with your phone or headset.

Browser bookmarks

You can add, edit and delete browser bookmarks and bookmark folders on your phone.

Phone logs

Bloove provides access to logs of your incoming, dialed and missed calls - with call time and duration and links to the corresponding contact. Data usage logs (connection time, bytes sent and received) are also available. All logs from the phone are archived on the server without any specific command from the user. If you delete log record, it will be deleted both from the server and the phone and it can't be undone.

Speed dials

Bloove allows checking and editing your speed dial settings. Speed Dial can be assigned from contact edit form, or all speed dials can be edited in one list.


Bloove makes phone screenshot and displays it on the phone Properties page. You can just right-click on it and save it to the file.

SMS via POP3

You can export all your messages into any Mail client supporting POP3 protocol (GMail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and many others). Use this feature if you want to have all your email and sms communication in one place.

Multiple phones per account

You can copy contacts, messages and bookmarks from one phone to another. You can use this feature to have your data on both your phones (if you are a lucky user of 2) or to restore data from a lost or reformatted phone.

After downloading and installing agent go to with using your desktop browser, sign up for an account (only user name and password or OpenID is required) and connect your phone to the account by entering ID displayed by agent.

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